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Court and Country is an a cappella vocal ensemble with a focus on bringing a variety of medieval and renaissance choral music to popular audiences who might not normally hear it. We've also added a few special contemporary projects to honor our more eclectic fans. 

We perform Medieval and Renaissance choral pieces written in or before the early 1600s, including works by some of the most prominent sacred & secular choral composers of those eras. Our music is performed in multiple languages (English, Italian, Latin, French, Spanish & German--plus some other languages for those special projects like Esperanto and Klingon) and features such themes as hunting and drinking; glory, pride and caution; secular life and sacred worship; and, of course, love and courtship.

The Court & Country name stands for all the levels of society whose lives are represented in our music, from royalty and clergy, to ordinary farmers and workers.

The group has been singing historical choral music for over 10 years, since spring of 2009. Since then we have expanded our membership and our repertoire, and performed at a number of events in the greater Chicago area and in other states as well. We are based in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We have grown from three members at our first performance to our current roster of 11 active members.

Upcoming Performances

Spring and Summer Performances are being arranged--more news soon!


Thank you to our Indiegogo backers!! 

We'd like to publicly thank all of our Indiegogo backers. Thank you so very much for helping us make our second album, our 10th anniversary album, the best it can be!

Tammy Bretscher
John and Nicole Larson
Taia Hartman
Jama Kay Emerson
John Bretscher
Thomas R. Langan
Christine Langan
Susan Britton
Ellen Kranzer
Monique Rio
Lauren Prewitt
Krystina Broda
Mike Beucler
Mike Mallinson
Christine Peterson
Fred Bretscher
Luke Bretscher
Paris Kelly
Randi R Woodworth
Juliana McCorison
Christyne H Lettermann
W. Randy Hoffman
Thomas J. Rockwell
Roy Kubicek
Kristi Avery

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