Court & Country at May 2019 Recording Session

Our Superb Sopranos: Gwen (Wendy), Teleri (Sharon), and Margrett (Kerri-Ellen)

Our terrific tenors--Ananda (Kadhrin), Ryan (Ambrose) and Betsey (Betsey)

Our wonderful altos (yes, Ananda is both here and with the tenors)--Laura (Aurora), Carrie (Cecily) and Ananda (Kadhrin).

Our fantastic basses-- Luke (Godfrey), Keith (Nick), and David (David)

Court & Country at Winter 2017-2018 Events

Our Superb Sopranos: Margrett (Kerri-Ellen), Teleri (Sharon) and Gwen (Wendy)

Our Terrific Tenors: Ambrose (Ryan) and Betsey

Our Awesome Altos Cecily (Carrie) and Ebrel (Deb) (Not pictured, another awesome alto, Kadrin (Ananda))

Our Booming Baritones/Basses: David and Nick (Keith)